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Our signature product is the popular wooden bank.  We use select woods such as red oak and maple as well as poplar and aspen to create a beautiful looking box. 

The wood is then stained with your choice of colors and finished with a clear acrylic topcoat for protection.

Step 1: Choosing the Stain


When you order, you will be asked to choose the type of stain you would like us to use.


Stain options are: 

  • Cherry Stain (CH)

  • Golden Pecan Stain (GP)

  • Brandy Stain (BR)

  • Walnut Stain (WL)


Personalizing & Customization:



Next, we personalize your bank on the faceplate. The layout of your inscription will be made per your specifications and a proof will be sent to you for your approval.   Upon checkout, you will be asked to include the text you want with your order. The faceplate has a 10 word maximum space allowance. 


We offer an option to customize your bank by creating special 2-dimensional characters or designs, cut from wood and hand painted, to go on the top lid of the bank or pop out of the slot in the lid. Animals, race cars, buildings - your imagination is the only limitation! 


We work from a design file or photograph and create a custom wooden image. Moving the image (arms, legs, etc) can be added as well!  We use wooden mechanical means to move the character - no electricity or batteries required!

If you choose a character option, you will be asked to describe for us the type and color of the character.  What helps us make sure you are happy with your character is to email us a photo, drawing, design file, etc. after your order has been submitted and paid for prior to the proofing stage. If you'd like, we can tap into our creative resources and come up with a design for you!



See Inscription and Character Examples here!

We will take the text you provide us (as well as the description / artwork you've chosen for a character) and layout a proof for you to review prior to engraving. We will design your faceplate (and your character) for you! Samples of font layout and placements as well as character designs can be found here for inspiration ideas. Or, if you see one you really want, just let us know it's number!


A proof will be sent to the  email address provided at time of order prior to engraving.


Finally, the box comes together to form a personalized bank which is a great gift or decorative addition to your home.

Please review our Shipping & Returns Policy, our Privacy Policy and our FAQ

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