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  • What woods do you use to make each bank?
    Your bank is made from select woods such as maple, poplar, red oak, beech and aspen and then finished with a water-based stain and a water based clear topcoat for protection.
  • Are all of your banks handmade?
    Yes! All banks made from The Vine Woodworking LLC are hand made here in the US, made from products all sourced and made in the US.
  • Is the wood protected?
    Moving figures on the bank are painted with water based acrylic paint and top coated with a water based clear acrylic finish for protection. The banks themselves are finished with a water based stain and water based clear top coat for protection against fading, spills, etc.
  • How are the moving figures made?
    Each character is first designed using a software program based on your specifications. You can send us a sketch, photo or design file and we will create your design using our software, matching as best we can your specific design. The characters are then cut out of a wooden blank which is typically 5" high x 3" wide, depending upon the character you are ordering. Once cut out, we hand paint each character to your color specifications with water based acrylic paint with a water based acrylic top coat for protection. Characters can be either stationary (non-moving) or can be made to move - again to your specification. This is why typically no two banks are the same as you have a hand in personalizing and customizing your bank! Please Note: Even though these banks are enjoyed by children, they are not a toy! If you purchase a bank with a moving figure, it may have a small spring on the back of the figure or part of the mechanism inside the bank that moves the figure. These springs may be a choking hazard for small children if they come loose or are pulled off.
  • How long do the banks last?
    Your bank should provide years of enjoyment for both children and adults. For those banks that do not have moving figures, they will last a life time if handled properly. For those banks with moving characters, we do everything to make the movement mechanism robust enough to last for years, but please remember that this is not a toy and if the movement lever is continually pushed down hard, the springs will wear prematurely and the movement line may come loose or break. In the unlikely event that this does happen, the movement mechanism in each bank can be easily repaired.
  • How do I contact someone if I have questions about my bank?
    If you have any questions or need technical help, please email us at We will do our best to respond to you within 1 business day. Visit us on the web at
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