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"Michael Smith

World’s Greatest Fisherman"

Character Example:  Moving Fish



"New Car Fund

Time for a new set of wheels!"

Character :  Example:  Sports Car



"Vacation Fund

Banking on a FUN Time"


Character Example:  Palm Tree or Beach Umbrella



"Rainy Day Fund

We need to go out more!"


Character Example:  Umbrella or Restaurant Logo



"College Fund

Saving to pay my fair share!"


Character Example:  Graduation Cap



"First House Fund

Saving for a down payment"


Character Example:  Home Image with a Heart



"Susan Jones

World’s Best Boss"


Character Example:  Coffee Cup



"Honeymoon Fund

Banking on a Bright Future Together!"


Character Example:  Cruise Ship 


These are just some ideas on how you can customize your bank and add a personalized message as well.  All characters / images are cut from wood and hand painted.  Characters / images are optional and added to the base bank at checkout.

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